The Downfall of Paris on Marimba and Snare


Through e-mail discussions with the local PAS chapter president regarding the upcoming Vermont Day of Percussion, I learned of the world-renown percussionist, Jane Boxall.

The English born percussionist, now living in Vermont, has agreed to perform at the December 5, 2009 program being held at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington.



While checking out her MySpace site I found a video of her on marimba with a snare drummer (her husband) performing “The Downfall of Paris”! What a surprise!

I subsequently e-mailed her asking for her approval for having the video on the USARD website.

She replied positively and remarked that the video was taken at the Chicago Drum Show earlier in the year and that its quality is dubious. Further she explained that she and her husband enjoy seeing and hearing rudimental drumming.

I enjoyed it – I hope you do.