United States Association of Rudimental Drumming

The United States Association of Rudimental Drumming (USARD) is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by rudimental drummers from all over the USA.

Our mission is to perform, preserve and promote the art of rudimental drumming.  Our annual convention is our means to perform our mission.

  • Share knowledge and innovation in Rudimental Drumming globally
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information on Rudimental Drumming
  • Educate and Coach young talent
  • Officially represent Rudimental Drumming and act as an ambassador to support the needs and the progress of its chapters
  • Organize and promote events and gatherings for the group
  • Build a library to protect the knowledge and literature on rudimental drumming for today and future generations

Community & Courses that bridge the gap between rudimental skills and drumset artistry.

Rudimental Foundations

Includes Yearly Membership to USARD and invites to Yearly Convention!

Our learning center is dedicated to the art of Rudimental drumming covering both standard and modern  pieces!

This course is designed to help you develop your skills in rudimental drumming and learn some of the most popular and influential standard pieces in the drumming world. 


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