The United States Association of Rudimental Drummers

                                      USARD   2010 ANNUAL MEETING

                                           APRIL 25 2010     9:00am



Presiding over the meeting


Bill McGrath and Steve Young 

Treasurer     Joe Gillotti

Secretary    Gary Gillotti



Open Remarks by Bill and Steve

General consensus from the Co-Presidents is that the Convention was a

Tremendous success

Great Job to Steve Young, Bill McGrath, Charlie Kammer, Joe Gillotti

and others who made the convention a success

Also thanks to Skee Derr for his video work during the Convention.

Special thanks to the performers and clinicians


First item on the Agenda was a brief Treasurers Report

Joe Gillotti stated we had approximately 3000.00 before the convention

Steve said that it looked like after all the expenses we broke even.

Steve said he would have a detailed budget of the Convention by the next meeting,

which included items we sold and the raffle of Nick’s painting and Pin sales


Next meeting has yet to  be determined

Bylaws have been tabled until the next Convention


Also open for discussion was the idea to continue with the present structure of co-presidents, a treasurer and a secretary. Motion was made to keep the present structure,  voted and passed.

In addition Bettye Earhardt was voted in unanimously as USARD archivist

Under this discussion it was also decided that face-to-face meetings were important. Quarterly meetings were decided, and will resume at the Marconi Lodge, Corning NY


The meeting was opened up to the floor. Many members who attended the Convention

were in attendance.

Subject:  Critique the Convention

Steve asked for inputs on the Hotel, majority of people were satisfied. The location of rooms near the banquet hall was convenient. Most agreed that the food was excellent.

Paypal registration seemed to work. Early registration would have been nice. Possibly

next year establish a deadline. Also need a volunteer to help Charlie with the registration


It was brought up that  the teaching aspect was great. For example, Nick Attanasio and Mark Reilly and their articulation of their presentations.


Steve opened the Floor to Brainstorming Session: Improvement of USARD


  • It was mentioned that a “NARD” type of purpose  with a Mission Statement and Create a Vision


  • Brought up for USARD as a group perform at MEMC Convention


  • Need to encourage young people to join, Competition?


  • Someone said they enjoyed the Fifes, would like to see more


  • Push to have the “Fort Meyers” boys back (Mark Reilly and crew)


  • Need to have Biographies on the Website


  • We should get involved with Military Musician’s Monument


  • Increase or expand website, recruitment and marketing


  • Increase  all USARD performances


  • Move or rotate the date and location of the Convention, not to conflict with other Drum Corps events


  • There was a suggestion to put out  a  USARD CD


  • Have a plan for the wives or girlfriends to attend special events if they would like in the area where the Convention is held


  • Idea was brought up to bring drummers from Europe, example Scotland or Switzerland  to conduct clinics


  • It was brought up for people to bring in Photo Albums to the next Convention


      3 items were taken from the brainstorming session to have us work on

  1. Increase or expand website, recruitment and marketing . Pins, Hats, Shirts and 


  1. Establish Location and date for 2011 Convention
  2. Increase USARD  performances, MEMC, Musters, Alumni events etc.


 This wrapped up our Annual meeting. Next Quarterly meeting will be announced on the USARD website and email will be sent to all members.


Thank you,


Gary Gillotti    Recording Secretary