USARD   Meeting  Lancaster Pa     April   17  2011
In Attendance:
Steve Young, John Bosworth, Bill Mojica, Gary Rockwell, Nick Biscotti
Charlie Kammer, Joe Gillotti, Phyllis Gillotti, Gary Gillotti, Bill Hartmann

Warren Lee, Nan Lee, Jeff Salisbury, Dave Hevrin, Leo Ehrhard

Betty Ehrhard

Steve Young opened the meeting with reviewing the USARD second Convention

A )How was the Convention ?

 Evaluation of clinicians and demonstrators

 Was agreed that even though there were fewer clinicians, the clinics were


Special thanks to Lee Caron, Jeff Salisbury and Fred Johnson for their presentations

Comments from new members

Jeff Salisbury   University of Vermont Drum Instructor

“Standard of musicianship was outstanding”

Dave Hevrin-   Rock and Drum Corps drummer Burlington Vermont

“Since the time I arrived I felt comfortable and accepted”

b) Hotel

 Discussion on the Hotel- Heritage Hotel

Good variety of food for the banquet

The bar and restaurant were super. The Hotel staff was polite and helpful, very accommodating

Acoustics in the banquet hall were better than the last hotel.

Only negative issue was some attendees had trouble with the electronic room keys

There was a discussion that the Convention should be moved to another state. Was agreed

that Pennsylvania  was good central location.  Also agreed that the Heritage should be considered

for next year’s convention.

There also was a discussion on whether to limit the Convention to just Saturday. But for the people from New England and Western New York this would be a long trip for one day,

c) How can we improve for next year? Suggestions

More Performers

Need to get Young People involved to perform or attend

Need to do more PR work , advertise, PAS, Ancient Times? Drum Corps World

d)   Membership Report
         Charlie reported that USARD had 113 members, 39 renewed so far 2011


Joe Gillotti will be working with Gary Rockwell to move the USARD Internet domains from his to Rockwell’s hosting service. Joe asked that if there are any issues with the website, please notify him

f)  Next meeting end of July

g)   Expense  Report      Charlie Kammer  


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