U.S.A.R.D. Meeting September 1, 2018

Attendees: David Smith, Bob Zarfoss, Tom Terreri, Joe Fontana, Bill McGrath, John Flowers, Gary Gillotti, John Bosworth, Doug Morrow and Bill Mojica.

                               Opening Remarks:

Bill McGrath stated that we will need recommendations in the form of feedback regarding better distribution of manpower and task rebalancing.

  1. Needing to readdress open treasurer position.

The treasurer’s position will be managed by Gary Gillotti

on an interim basis.

  1. David Smith has been officially added to the Executive Committee                                   
  2. Susan Stevens and Joe Fontana added to the Advisory Board
  3. Kevin Donka will continue to manage the Facebook Group Page and also added to the Advisory Board
  4. Tom Terreri has agreed to take charge of event set-up & logistics for the convention.
  5. Joe Gillotti will maintain the Website & Membership but has stepped down from his position on the Executive Committee.
  6. David Smith and Gary Gillotti will deal with Hotel concerns


Bill McGrath brought up that there currently are four main drumming associations dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Rudimental Drumming. They are all important and all do complement these efforts mentioned above.  They are: 

1.The USARD United States Association of Rudimental Drummers

  • Description: To Promote and Preserve Rudimental Drumming     

2.The N.A.R.D:  The modern day and resurrected National Association of Rudimental Drummers

  • Description: Pass proficiency test of Rudimental Drumming   

3.The D.H.S. Drummers Heritage Society

  • Brief Description: To study and understand the heritage and history of rudimental drumming 

4.The I.A.T.D. International Association of Traditional Drummers.

  • Brief Description: To preserve traditional grip in drumming

Bill McGrath stated, “that these organizations could or may not get any real traction nationwide if they operate separately.  He suggested that we endorse each of these main group philosophies, all while, maintaining each group’s separate identities but to combine efforts as well to galvanize a more pervasive, broad base of support for a wider range of potential membership.”

Mark Beecher and NARD have already committed to be part of USARD’s 10th Annual Convention

Bill McGrath is in conversation with Jim Smith of the DHS Drummers Heritage Society to attend.

David Smith will contact Tim Sorenson of the I.A.T.D. to attend. Bill added that we could have Joannie Pratt come in to present an overview of the I.A.T.D., seeing that Tim Sorenson may not be as involved as he was earlier.  We would, however, need to keep that potential presentation to a limit of 15 to 20 minutes.    

Schedule Conflicts

Bob Zarfoss highlighted that the Buc’s show will affect the Middle River, Phoenix Connection and Air Force ensembles because of the date conflict of April 27.

We went further to announce that these ensembles would need to perform on Friday evening instead of Saturday. Everyone seemed to be alright with that arrangement.   


Gary Gillotti stated that New England will give up the Friday night performance yielding to above groups to perform on Saturday.

Tom Terreri brought up that we should entertain the idea of inviting a Drum and Bugle corps to perform at the Convention. Bill brought up that scheduling a full Drum Corps was always an issue with April being an active time of the year for them but does agree that it would help.

Gary Gillotti brought up if we should continue the Individual Contest or not.  It seemed that everyone wanted to keep it going.

Doug Morrow said he would do his part in trying to attract individuals to compete.

John Flowers stated that he could see if anyone from the Bands of America and other organizations would want to participate.

Tom Terreri said we should contact local high school bands as well.

 Potential Participants for 10th Annual

  • NARD: Has already made the commitment       Mark Beecher
  • Moeller’s Drummers:                                              David P Nelson  
  • The Civil War Troopers:                                          Dominick Cuccia
  • The Regulators:                                                        Gus Cuccia
  • Drummers Heritage Society:                                 Jim Smith
  • History of Rudimental Drumming in America From Revolutionary War to Present: Eric Alan Chandler LSU:                                 Patrick Jones
  • Earlier Members of USMC D&B Drum Line        Fishel, Picarello   
  • The Connecticut Blues:                                           Josh Salazar
  • Rudimental Drummer Extraordinaire                  Steve Fagiano


The Individuals Contest

Returning to the subject of the Individuals Contest, Bill McGrath stated that here needs to be a sense of commitment for “all of us” to secure and encourage potential participants to register for the individuals as all are welcomed to participate.  Therefore, please go out and get people signed up. You know where they are and who they are so please encourage all to participate.

Next Meeting

We will try to arrange a meeting for the latter half of November 2018. More information pending on that so please stand by.

The Binghamton, N.Y. American Legion Post #1645 on Robinson Road seemed to work out well the last time as it was only a three to four-hour trip for nearly everyone except the Baltimore people. 

The one and hopefully only difference is that our usual start time of 12 noon will need to, most certainly, be changed to a 3:30 PM start.

Bill McGrath, Jr.

President USARD