I started drumming in 1952 with St Anthony's of Allston, MA. Drum instructor was Walt Whitney, who came from CT, so I learned how to tuck skin heads and a lot of drum solos like CT half time and Downfall of Paris. From there I went to the Holy Trinity Cadets in Boston and then to the Cambridge Caballeros. Joined the Navy in 1959, and didn't drum again until 1970 when I joined the Chelmsford Colonial Minutemen. Shortly after that I also joined the Sudbury Ancient Fyfes and Drums. Played with both of these groups through most of the 1970's. Life got in the way and I stopped drumming until I moved to CA and ran into one of the members of the LA F&D corps in 2012. Started in April that year and still at it. Lots of holes in my drumming life, but it never really left me. I love drumming and really enjoy fife and drum, because it is still rudimental. I don't like what has happened to drum and bugle corps lately. They are not rudimental drummers and they don't use bugles. There is no more marching, either. It's all dancing and making shapes. It's very interesting in some ways, but it is not drum and bugle!! Give me a good fife and drum corps any day.