The USARD is dedicated to the Performance, Preservation and Promotion of the Art of Rudimental Drumming.

USARD encourages regional chapters that will meet to discuss, practice and perform. Members of the chapters meet annually for business and pleasure – mostly the pleasure of drumming! 

The annual convention is a showcase for the talented members who will perform as individuals or in ensembles.
Each year the convention features one or more special performer or prominent clinician. The idea of Individual and Ensemble (I and E) competition is being discussed.

USARD is a great group to join if you are interested in getting back into your old love – rudimental drumming. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for young drummers to see and hear some of the older styles of their predecessors such as Ancient (rope-tension) and classic drum and bugle corps drumming. You will meet some legendary drummers at a USARD convention!
We’d also love to meet some of today’s contemporary drummers so we can share ideas and enjoy some of the new and exciting ideas of the modern drummer.
Drum notation in the form of solos, exercises or ensemble pieces will be available to members from this website for their personal and chapter use. Some drumming pieces will be dedicated to the annual mass drumming performance.



The United States Association of Rudimental Drummers offers members many opportunities to enjoy and contribute to rudimental drumming:
When available, members may join local active USARD chapters which offer opportunities for discussion, practice and performance of rudimental drumming. If no chapter is conveniently available, members, with the permission of the USARD, may initiate a new chapter in their geographic area.

Members may attend the annual USARD convention for fun, performing and possibly competition.
As a paid member an individual will have access to members-dedicated drumming material available on the USARD website.

A member will have a configurable profile on the website. Beyond the profile feature, a member can submit their personal drumming history to the ‘Biography’ section of the site.
He or she will have the ability to contribute the USARD website articles about rudimental and other forms of drumming, drum notation, audio and videos, as well.

On the website two calendars are available for entering drumming related events. Members may use the ‘Other Drumming Events’ calendar for this purpose.

This is only the beginning of the features that will be offered by the United States Association of Rudimental Drummers.