Middle River Ancients at Trinity

Each year the Trinity Church has a special, “Freedom Celebration Service”, which they refer to a “Red, White & Blue Extravaganza – Salute to America”. 

At this service they play and sing patriotic music, thanking all who have served in the Armed Forces of America, as well as the Civil Servants of our Country; truly a feel-good-being-an-American event. 

For the past three years, they have had our USARD Drummers, “Middle River Ancient”, take part. 

I have attached the Program Schedule from this year’s event (see below).  You’ll see that we are the introduction of a song called, “Praise You”, and later played drums to, “Battle Hymn of the Republic” along with the Trinity Chorus singing. 

This service performance is open free to the public and ran about 1-1/2 hours.  At the conclusion, we led all out of the church, playing the Army 2/4.  Once outside, we played our routine that we played during the 2013 USARD Convention.  Everyone attending this “Freedom Celebration Service”, were very appreciative with our being there, taking part.


Play "Praise You" Audio


– Charlie