USARD   Meeting  Corning NY    Dec 10    2011
In Attendance:
 Bill Mojica, Charlie Kammer, Joe Gillotti, Gary Gillotti, Bill Hartmann

 Bill McGrath, Doug Morrow

Gary Gillotti read the minutes from the July 23 2011 meeting. Motion was made to accept

The minutes  .  Motion was seconded



a)   Membership Report
         Charlie Kammer reported that USARD had 83 members, 27 renewed so far 2012

         Bill Mojica and Steve Young will meet as part of the membership committee

         Charlie will email all members the membership list he handed out today to the executive


         Joe Gillotti and Charlie Kammer will work together to coordinate membership list with the website

         Bill McGrath mentioned that the key  to membership is to go one on one . Bring a friend in.



 b) Library Report- Doug Morrow

       Doug opened up with the discussion with making percussion material available for members and

       new members. Doug expressed that it is important to follow legal copyright laws.

       Joe Gillotti discussed that the USARD Website and the usage of the site for a wide open library.

       Bill McGrath mentioned that Doug and Joe work together on making this happen.

       Doug will check with Bill McGrath or Steve Young before adding any material to the library.



      Doug brought up that the executive committee should post their biographies on the USARD Website

      Joe said some biographies have been posted and will make sure they are brought up on the website.

      Joe and Gary Rockwell working together on the website


d)  Convention III

      Bill handed out the Convention Agenda  (tentative)

      This will not be published at this time, not final

      A discussion on how to market the Convention.  We will post a message on Skee’s Facebook

      Page. Joe will send a message to Rick Beckham to  post on his Rudimental Drumming Forum.

      Doug will get on Charlie Terzi’s  fife and Drum chat.

      Bill McGrath will be putting an ad in Drum Corps World and Ancient Times


e) Convention Registration

    Charlie Kammer will be handling registration again. Charlie will send out a letter to all members

    and also post on USARD Website.  Cost of registration has not been finalized. Executive

    Committee will to get with Steve Young on Hotel Contract. Discussion on what should a spouse

    Pay , if not involved with actual Clinicians and Performances should pay for dinner only.




f) Clinicians and Performers status

    Bill McGrath reviewed tentative Clinician and Performer status

    The rooms and meal statuses were discussed. Again this is not finalized and will not be published

    Was also brought up that there may be additional time for New England Chapter and or Mason Dixon



g)   Expense  Report      Charlie Kammer


Cash Flow 4/17/2011-12/09/2011



Uncategorized                                                      2,167.93

2011 Convention                                                  1,011.59

2011 Convention Bank                                            100.00

Membership Dues 2011                                           232.96

Membership Dues 2012                                           660.00

Merchandise Sales                                                    30.00

Other Inc                                                                        .45

TOTAL INFLOWS                                                  4,202.93



2011  Convention Exp                                                   4,835.86

Operating exp                                                                      10.00

Postage                                                                               100.11

Rent Meeting place                                                            50.00

Stop payment on check                                                     30.00

TOTAL OUTFLOWS                                                        5,025.97

Overall Total                                                                  -823.04



Net Worth- As of 12/09/2011


Cash and Bank Accounts USARD                                3,768.82

LIABILITIES                                                                                0.00

OVERALL TOTAL                                                          3,768.82





h) 2013 Proposed Convention Site   Corning,  New York

Executive Committee met with the manager of Corning Radisson. We were taken on a tour of the Hotel

and Convention Center. We were all very impressed with the accommodations. The location near

Market Street seemed to be a great place for a Convention.  Restaurants , Shops  and Glass Museum


I )Next Meeting   Sunday April 17 2012  Heritage Hotel  Lancaster Pa