USARD Meeting August 15 2015 Corning, NY

Attendees: Bill McGrath, Joe Gillotti, Charlie Kammer, Bill Mojica, Nick Biscotti, Ron Church, Bill Stricklin, Gary Gillotti


  1. Bill McGrath opening remarks, tribute to Bill Hartmann and a moment of silence from the Committee

  2. Gary Gillotti gave minutes from April 18th meeting. Minutes approved

  3. Joe Gillotti Membership Report; 127 active members, 4 business, 2 Complimentary, 5 Honorary, 10 Lifetime

  4. Treasury Report Charlie Kammer, N/A in minutes. Treasury report approved

  5. 2016 Location voted on and Crowne Plaza, Danbury was awarded 2016 Convention

  6. Open Slot for VP  was left open, hoping Gary Rockwell will return

  7. Discussed that USARD limit repeat performances, this was agreed by all, Ron Church thought there was good diversity at the Convention. Not so good in the Practice Rooms. Recommends a schedule for the room, so there’s no hogging by one group. Bill McGrath brought up that we should find a way to have people in the main room watching the performances. Some clinics played to less than 20 people.

  8. Bill McGrath brought that we should have a mix of “old timers” with an “accent on the youth. All agreed. John Flowers will get the over 70’s people invited. Performing a 2016 transitional ceremonial passing of the torch from Old Timers to the Young ones.

  9. We need to have an equal balance between Fife & Drum and Drum & Bugle

  10. Potential Clinicians for 2016

  11. Mark Beecher

  12. Lee Caron

  13. Brendan Mason

  14. Scott Jamison

  15. Michael Eagle

  16. Cuccias and Prosperies

  17. John Donovan

  18. Charles T. Dickerson                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  19. Agreed to support NARD and Mark Beecher as best we can

  20. MailChimp Joe Gillotti says working well replaced for newsletter, template and interface

  21. Round Table, establish a memorial for Bill Hartmann, Ron Church and Joe Gillotti, Bill Mojica thanked everyone for all the work they do, Gary Gillotti stated that he’s dealing with a new agent at the Crowne Plaza, JoAnn Cuevo, Contract similar to last year, we can add Opal and Coral Conference rooms at no extra charge. Bill McGrath brought up details on the Rochester Drummer’s Heritage Days.

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