May 13  2007


                                              USARD ANNUAL MEETING


Attendance: Bill McGrath, Joe Gillotti, Gary Rockwell, Phyllis Gillotti, Dave Noel, Gary Gillotti, Bill Mojica, Bob Zarfoss, Bill Strickland, Mary Saunders, Charlie Kammer. John Bosworth, Paul Mosley, Ron Church, Larry Bourne, Joe Fontana and    Virginia Wilkos Stafford.


I.  Review of the 2017 USARD Convention


a.)   Bill Mojica- The Friday night social was outstanding, having time to socialize is a must.

b.)  Bill McGrath-Events were on schedule this year, almost to the “T”

c.)   Bob Zarfoss-  Encouraging people watch all events was a plus

d.)  Phyllis Gillotti – The individuals being later in the morning was better than last year, when the Juniors had to be there at 8:00 am

e.)   Bill McGrath-   More frequent breaks helped the flow of the Convention.

f.)    Virginia Stafford- Overall hotel experience was very nice, the fact the owner Mr. Genetti was there, was amazing

g.)   Meals were such an improvement over Danbury.


a.)   Harry Jenkins- Vendors on the inside could be a distraction to the clinicians

b.)  Charlie Kammer- No lunch at the hotel on Saturday a problem, something like box lunches should have been set up.

c.)   Noise from other venues(wedding) could be heard in our room




II. Election of Officers

External Vice President position vacated by Gary Rockwell only office that received nominations.



David Smith, retired Professor of Percussion, Western Ct State University

David Noell, retired drummer from the United States Army Old Guard


a.)   An amendment was proposed by Bob Zarfoss, that after the voting the second place nominee will be added to the Advisory Board. This motion was seconded by Bill McGrath.  All in favor, Motion Passed. 

David Noel was elected External Vice President and David Smith appointed to the Advisory Board.


III. Plans for next year

It was discussed that as soon as the Convention was over we need to plan next year’s event.

a)     Return to Genetti’s

b)     Check other hotels

c)     Expand and market Jr Competition

d)     Next meeting Date?

IV. Adjournment

Bill McGrath made a motion to adjourn, motion passed.