USARD   Meeting November 18, 2017

Claude Garrison American Legion

 Memorial Post#1645

Binghamton, New York

Attendees: Bill McGrath, David Smith, Bob Zarfoss, Bill Mojica, Charlie Kammer, Gary Gillotti and Ron Church

1.     Bill McGrath, “By-Laws should be followed, there was never any intention of bypassing the By-Laws at any time.”

2.     Minutes read by Gary Gillotti from Annual Meeting May 13, 2017. Motion made by Charlie Kammer to accept minutes, second by Bill Mojica.

3.     Treasurer’s report given. details on request.

4.     Membership report

Regular members 116

Paid Life 16

Honorary 5                                                                                                             Total    142                                                                                                                                           

     Joe Gillotti stated in his report that many memberships will expire at the end of the year. Hopefully most of these will renew.

5.     2018 USARD Site Genetti Hotel Wilkes Barre Pa.  Gary presented contract that Phyliss Gillotti had reached with Elizabeth Davis of Genetti’s Hotel.  April 6 and 7th of 2018. Improvement in the capacity with getting the Main Ball Room, at basically no extra cost than last year.  The $500 deposit has been paid. Discussion on lunch for Saturday, Phyllis presented that the Genetti hotel can do a Box Lunch for Saturday, however it would cost similar to the cost of the dinner on Saturday night. Pizza being brought in was another option. Tabled for further discussion.

6.     Business Partners; Joe Gillotti is hoping that Cooperman, HaMar Percussion Publications and Calderwood Percussion will renew. Black River Music Plus and Riodrums will not. David Smith will research into his Yamaha contact to see what can develop there.

7.     Videography: Denise Ciastko cannot commit this coming year, need to seek other option.

8.     Charlie Kammer will develop the Program Handouts

9.     Website changes, Website is up and running currently. A new security package has been purchased from a Joomla extension provider. Joe will have better control over this package. Recent hacks are probably due to the club’s name, which is mistaken for government agency.

10. Tributes: Skyliners Bill Boerner- John Flowers and Paul Mosely perform

11.Performances/Clinicians Possibilities

  • Ray Moran
  • Jim Hurley
  • Kevin Donka Riverside Brigade
  • Jeff Prosperie
  • Wayne Oien
  • Joe Tomkins
  • Cadets or Cadets II
  • Johnny Oddo special needs ensemble
  • Mark Beecher
  • Brendan Mason
  • Chet Doboe
  • Larry Carbonelle


Gary brought up that if DCI drummers compete we should go to 2 categories on snare drum, rope and modern. Agreed by committee.

There seems to be some interest in Ensembles. This category might be added. Would be nice to have 3 Judges, but 2 would suffice.

13.Special Awards, no update currently

14.Mass Drumming: Bill McGrath added 2 new pieces to Mass Drumming, Young Drummers by John Flowers and Liberty Street Strut by Bill Putnam

15. Round Table

John Flowers agreed to be one of the Judges

John also brought the point for the organization to become more international. Maybe name change?

Gary Gillotti brought up that let us not forget the Fife and Drum Community when setting up Clinicians and Presenters

16. Meeting Adjourned