USARD Meeting 1/26/2019

Attendance: Bill McGrath, Gary Gillotti, David Smith, Charlie Kammer, Bill Mojica, Danny Magsamen, Susan Stevens and Joe Fontana on Skype

Just a general review of what was discussed at the meeting

1.Bill’s opening remarks were that we were on track for the April Convention and we needed to get       people to register

2.Update on Business partners

Gary confirmed Calderwood percussion would be at the Convention. Either Cooperman or Loyal drums will be there

3.Clinicians and Presenters

Connecticut Blue

NY Regulators

Civil War Troopers

Old Guard Fife and Drum

Dave Nelson- Moeller Drummers

Patrick Jones- History of Rudimental Drumming

James Smith- Drummers Heritage Society

Charlie Kammer will have handouts made

Joe Gillotti will continue with the website and membership

4. Awards

 Warren Lee Award will be given

Sonny Lyons Award, Matty Lyons has confirmed this will happen

5. Status of Hotel

Genettis, deposit made and they are  ready for us

We have a proposal from Crowne Plaza for 2020

6. Individual Contest

    The contest will happen, already have competitors from Texas, Ct, NY and Pa.

7. Lifetime Achievement Award to Charlie Poole Jr

8. Lifetime Membership 

William McGrath Jr

Susan Stevens